MESPOM has opened applications for the 2022-2024 study period. As in previous years, CEU in Vienna will receive and process the applications on behalf of the consortium. EMJMD scholarships will not be available for MESPOM students in 2022-2024 but as in previous years we will offer other types of financial assistance such as partial tuition fee waivers and CEU Master’s excellence scholarships for the study periods in Vienna. See the financial aid section of the MESPOM website.

Please note that many staff are working remotely as part of the university’s measures to protect the community and remain contactable by email (

MESPOM invites applications from all countries. Successful candidates must have a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent (180 ECTS credits) in environmental studies or closely related fields. Candidates with first degrees in agricultural studies, social sciences, legal and administrative studies, economics, engineering or natural sciences will also be considered if they show commitment to environmental challenges, usually through voluntary or professional work with on-the-job training.

Admission is based on the academic and intellectual excellence of applicants as well as their motivation and prior experience. All candidates should demonstrate proficiency in English. In order to create a multicultural learning environment, the Consortium strives to achieve a balance between various geographic and disciplinary backgrounds of MESPOM students.

Admission to MESPOM is highly competitive. A successful applicant has typically graduated with excellent grades from a good university and/or has a successful professional environmental career. S/he understands global environmental challenges and has a clear commitment to contribute to their resolution.

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