MESPOM invites applications from all countries. Successful candidates must have a good first degree in a subject related to environmental sciences, policy or management, in the natural or social sciences, engineering or management. Candidates with other first degrees will also be considered if they show commitment to environmental challenges, usually through voluntary or professional work. Admission is based on the academic and intellectual excellence of applicants as well as their motivation and prior experience. All candidates should demonstrate proficiency in English. In order to create a multicultural learning environment, the Consortium strives to achieve a balance between various geographic and disciplinary backgrounds of MESPOM students.

Admission to MESPOM is highly competitive. In 2010 about 1,000 qualified candidates from 72 countries competed for existing places. A successful applicant has typically graduated with excellent grades from a good university and/or has a successful professional environmental career. S/he understands global environmental challenges and has a clear commitment to contribute to their resolution.

How to apply?

All MESPOM applications should be made through the Central University's online application system in accordance with CEU Admission Requirements and with respect to the MESPOM-specific eligibility requirements and application procedure.

Application deadlines for the 2017-2019 study period are (see also the CEU admission webpage for more details):

  • February 1, 2017*:DEADLINE for applicants seeking financial aid.
  • June 1, 2017*: DEADLINE for self-financing and partial tuition waiver applications. 

 All applications must be complete with English test score reports, wherever applicable.


 *Applications must be submitted before 23:59 hrs *Central European Time on the given date.

For informal chats and information, join the Study at MESPOM Facebook group.

Admission process

The admission process will include a check of eligibility requirements and selection by the MESPOM Academic Board.

The Academic Board will allocate MESPOM tuition waivers to the best applicants. CEU will make a separate decision on awarding CEU fellowships to eligible candidates.

Applicants will be informed of selection results in April.