Alumni and Careers

Career services and alumni networks

MESPOM has a dynamic alumni network which serves as a great resource for career development and internship opportunities. In addition, MESPOM students and alumni are members of the Erasmus Mundus Association and belong to alumni organizations of LundManchester and CEU.

MESPOM students also benefit from career services assistance offered by each of the partner institutions, one of which, The University of Manchester’s Career Service Office was voted by recruiters best in the UK for five consecutive years from 2002 to 2007.

Under Alumni Stories and Alumni & Careers News section you can read testimonies from MESPOM graduates about their professional career transition after completing the MESPOM program.

In the Study at MESPOM group current MESPOM students and alumni are also available to answer general questions about student life within the program in the partner institutions.

For more detailed information about MESPOM graduates’ career opportunities, and alumni job prospects in a specific field, please contact the MESPOM coordinator (