Lovish Ahuja '07 (India)

November 5, 2007

I am sure by now you must be wondering where I landed after this exciting voyage of MESPOM. Take a deep breath, here it goes... I was picked up by the Holcim Group (the 2 nd largest manufacturer of cement in the World) as a Corporate Assistant Manager-Environment. I actually felt the benefit of the MESPOM course during my interview, when I was selected from the group, which included people with almost double the work experience I had. The interview and the group discussion stages were completely rocking for me as I was the only one who was using big terms albeit clichés for many of us, for e.g. Ecological Modernization, Industrial Ecology, Green Taxes, Internalization of Externalities, Marginal Cost, SEA, etc, etc…. and the rest is history.

My job includes managing environmental matters from the corporate level. I am responsible for liaison with Central Ministry for Environment & Forests for environmental clearances for new/expansion/modernization projects. Work also includes conducting regular environmental audits in all the cement manufacturing units (14 nos. spread all over India), identifying CDM projects, bit of CSR, and coming up with annual sustainability report for India operations. I am sure you can make out that it is too much for one person to handle but don't worry after the MESPOM experience it wouldn't be a big problem for you. Thanks to MESPOM for everything!