Wardell Armstrong Environmental Consultancy

November 8, 2007

I studied landscape planning and worked in nature conservation before joining the first batch of mespom. I choose this programme because I wanted to gain more knowledge on and insight to the strategic and policy levels within the field of environment. MESPOM not only met my expectations but went far beyond it! Besides giving me a sound understanding of the million sides to the environment, it provided opportunities for unforgettable knowledge exchange and deep friendships.

During the first year of the programme I got acquainted with environmental assessments and felt that the field absolutely suits my mindset and thinking. In my thesis project I discussed quality and effectiveness of strategic environmental assessments in Hungary, my home country. After graduation I took up a position as an environmental impact assessment coordinator at Wardell Armstrong, a UK based environmental and engineering consultancy.

In this position I utilize all skills mespom has given me: I understand and oversee complex environmental situations, I speak a common language with ecologist, hydrologist, noise and air quality specialists etc. and I know what team work is and how multidisciplinary teams function.