Karen Basiye '08 (Kenya)

November 3, 2008

I come from Kenya and studied at MESPOM in 2006-2008. Before joining MESPOM I worked in the Ministry of Environment of my country.

My new job is very exciting and challenging I am the Environment Policy and Compliance Manager for the leading telecommunication company here in Kenya. This is a new position so I am the first environment manager and thus have to set up an environment management system, deal with all environmental complaints from the public, develop environment awareness materials for the consumers as well as the company employees. I have to coordinate both internal and external environment issues. I also coordinate CSR activities in relation to the environment, and deal with environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental audit (EA). I also advise the management on environmental issues. Currently I am also working on a program for clean hybrid energy systems for the company.

I am very happy with the job as I can initiate many of the things I studied in MESPOM. I must say MESPOM prepared me well for this challenging job I can use all that I have studied in this new job. I still refer to materials I got from MESPOM as a guide in implementing some of the assignments I am given. For now, am the only environment person in the company but hopefully once I set up the systems and the unit I can have other people on board. Currently am working with engineers and lawyers as part of my team.