Huang He '09 (China)

September 29, 2009

I am Huang He, a MESPOMer in 2007-2009, and I come from China. After working in London for a while, I am back to Beijing and start working for the Energy Research Institute (ERI) at the National Development and Reform Committee of China. ERI is the most important Chinese energy institute; it has a big influence on decision-making process, especially in my field (renewable energy policy), where China’s renewable energy law was drafted. Renewable energy, considered as good for both environment and economy, is still quite new in China and the whole industry is full of uncertainties and challenges.

My work, challenging and very exciting as it is, is to help China establish a national renewable energy research centre in five years. The program is supported by Danish and Chinese governments as an international program, and I am in charge of the policy part. The scope of my work is very broad; it includes research, field work, organizing conference and many other duties I can hardly expect now. In order to make the Centre with capacity and authority for public service purpose, we always have to involve different stakeholders, try to balance their benefits, solve problems all the time but in the meanwhile, keep our own vision and belief. So far I enjoy this kind of “dancing within the systems” work very much.

MESPOM provides me a good way of thinking, especially through communications with people experienced in UNDP, IEA, IPCC and government etc. And I am still well connected with people after mespom which is also very important.