Quynh Nguyen '09 (Vietnam), PhD at Aarhus University

November 19, 2009

I am Quynh Nguyen from Vietnam. I studied Environmental Chemistry at the University of New South Wales, Australia and worked as a technical advisor on improving institutional capacity for water pollution control at Vietnam Environment Protection Agency before joining MESPOM in 2007.

The two-year-journey has been full of great experiences and memories during which I have lived and learnt so much more intensively than ever before. The programme has indeed provided me with in-depth scientific research opportunities (from my 3rd semester and my thesis research in Manchester) in addition to the holistic approach which brings a broader and comprehensive mindset in understanding and handling any specific task in the field.

I have recently started my PhD on a joint project between the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) and Department of Chemistry of Aarhus University, Denmark. My research work involves secondary organic aerosols, which are one of the most serious and complicated air pollution problems and have great impacts on human health and climate. The project should contribute to the understanding and assessment of present and future particle pollution and the formulation of a policy for efficient pollution reduction.

My new life on the land of Andersen’s fairy tales, bikes, wind and windmills has been very amazing so far, which hopefully will be another exciting journey after MESPOM.