2014 Student Policy Conference “Crisis and Transition”

January 14, 2015

On December 19th, the final day of the semester, the CEU Environmental Sciences and Policy department MSc students held the 2014 Student Policy Conference “Crisis and Transition”. As elaborated by the Conference Organization Committee, which was made up of ten students responsible for coordination and implementation of the conference, the conference theme referred to the many environmental crises our world faces today. It highlighted the opportunity for transition and innovation found within crisis, and provided students a platform for exploring interdisciplinary environmental issues based on their individual interests.

Over the course of the day 45 students gave 15-20 minute presentations in concurrent sessions on a research topic of their choice, from the perspective of environmental policy, law, and philosophy. The sessions were arranged according to topic groupings; 1) urban issues, 2) natural resources, 3) communities, 4) waste management, 5) sustainable development, 6) conflict, 7) law and economics, 8) education and policy, 9) policy, and 10) energy. The method of research was primarily literature review and covered topics from around the world, such as ivory trade in Tanzania and China, water policy in the Russian Federation, and climate adaptation in the Andes. Attendees included faculty members, departmental Ph.D. candidates, administrators, and guests.

Following the presentation was a reception with refreshments catered by the local organic market and food supplier Szatyor who provided vegetarian and locally sourced sandwiches and sustainable and organic teas and juices, and Hungarian wine was served.