Masahiro Suzuki ’14 (Japan)

December 1, 2015

“MESPOM was not just a phase in my career, but rather has grown to be a significant part of me.”


After completing the MESPOM program, I began working as a Policy Researcher at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), a think tank in Japan dedicated to environmental policies, particularly related to climate change. My colleagues and I attend international negotiations, conduct research on foreign and national policies, and formulate policy recommendations for the Japanese government and international community.

Without MESPOM or my beloved MESPOMers, faculty, and staff, I would not be nearly as prepared, motivated, enthusiastic, happy, and fulfilled with my life as I am now. MESPOM was not just a phase in my career, but rather has grown to be a significant part of me. I often think of my days in Budapest, Lesvos, and Lund, and I still speak with my classmates almost everyday. I am very grateful for the memories and experiences, as well as for my friends who always empower me to make this world a little bit better of a place.

In my thesis acknowledgement, I wrote the following: “These memories that we made together will always shine like the North Star inside my heart, reminding me how passionate we are to protect the environment and the earth, and guiding me towards shaping my passion into a real change in this world". Those memories are not only sweet. MESPOM provides opportunities for students to have great experiences and make lifelong friends in beautiful Europe, and it also trains students (often with a surprising amount of schoolwork), and challenges them to think outside of the box and act outside of their comfort zone, so that they can later confidently join the global community of future environmental leaders. It is much tougher in reality than it sounds here, but it is this challenge that makes MESPOM and its days a truly unique, worldly, and adventurous journey.

If you are wondering whether MESPOM would be a great fit for you, I can assure that it provides all the opportunities you may need to professionally advance your career in the environmental sphere, although it is up to you to take full advantage of them.

Much more simply put: Join us, and become a new member of our MESPOM family. It is an incredible experience and so much fun :)