Sophie Peter '16 (Germany)

"My master’s thesis was the key to my
current job."

Olivia Lewis '16 (U.K.)

" MESPOM experience has certainly paid off as I feel much more equipped to work professionally on environmental topics..."

Tatirose Vijitpan '10 (Thailand)

" is completely rewarding to become a MESPOMer."

Jessica Jewell '09 (USA)

"MESPOM...opened doors beyond the ivory tower and beyond the two-year Masters."


Jennifer Lenhart '07 (USA) and Tahia Devisscher '07 (Bolivia)

"MESPOM is not just an education, it is a lifestyle; it is a family of students, professors and alumni."



Aaron Perry ’14 (USA)

“The MESPOM program was more than a degree to me”

Benedict Omare ’14 (Kenya)

“MESPOM changed how I work and how I approach problems”

Thomas Pienkowski '15 (UK)

"I draw on the knowledge gained during MESPOM on a daily basis"


Jimena Montané '14 (Mexico)

"now I feel like there are no limits to where I could go in the future"

Caroline Sorensen ’15 (USA)

“Through MESPOM, the most valuable skill I gained was working in international teams with people from different educational backgrounds”


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