Dr. Brandon Anthony (Associate Professor, CEU)

Dr. Brandon Anthony, originally from Canada and a current resident of Hungary, completed both his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Dr.

Sophie Peter '16 (Germany)

"My master’s thesis was the key to my
current job."

Olivia Lewis '16 (U.K.)

" MESPOM experience has certainly paid off as I feel much more equipped to work professionally on environmental topics..."

Tatirose Vijitpan '10 (Thailand)

" is completely rewarding to become a MESPOMer."

Jessica Jewell '09 (USA)

"MESPOM...opened doors beyond the ivory tower and beyond the two-year Masters."


Jennifer Lenhart '07 (USA) and Tahia Devisscher '07 (Bolivia)

"MESPOM is not just an education, it is a lifestyle; it is a family of students, professors and alumni."



Aaron Perry ’14 (USA)

“The MESPOM program was more than a degree to me”

Benedict Omare ’14 (Kenya)

“MESPOM changed how I work and how I approach problems”

Thomas Pienkowski '15 (UK)

"I draw on the knowledge gained during MESPOM on a daily basis"


Jimena Montané '14 (Mexico)

"now I feel like there are no limits to where I could go in the future"

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