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Tahia Devisscher '07 (Bolivia)

Tahia is a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford. She is also part of the ECI Ecosystem Lab where she studies complex social-ecological systems, analyzing the dynamics between forests, fire, people, land use and climate change in the southern rim of Amazonia.

Research fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute, Oxford Centre. Her work is mainly focused on climate change adaptation in developing countries. She is also involved in the development and support of weADAPT.org

Tahia Devisscher '07 (Bolivia): UNDP position

I am currently working for UNDP Bolivia, writing for the Human Development Report (HDR) 2008. I do research and analysis on the environmental and local socio-economic impacts of biofuels expansion, mining activities and development projects in Bolivia such as road and hydroelectric dams development.

My Experience in Malaysia - Part 2

WEEK 5: Native communities in Miri and the ‘New Concept’ scheme

Tahia Devisscher (Bolivia), Class'07

I obtained a BSc in Environmental Sciences and Development Studies at the Zamorano University in Honduras . During my last year of studies I did an internship in Mexico, where I worked with World Vision in the area of design, monitoring and evaluation of development programs for five regions. After my undergraduate I worked in Boliviawith The Nature Conservancy on improve the forestry sector. I also participated in a research program carried out by the Department of Renewable Resources at the Louisiana State University, US.

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