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Marta Vetier '07 (Hungary), Greenpeace Hungary Programme Director

After returning to Hungary, to my home country, for the birth of my son, I continued to work for Greenpeace.

From January to June 2011, I was coordinating Greenpeace's activities during the Hungarian EU Presidency.This meant lots of lobby and expert work, and gathering and filtering loads of information.

Marta Vetier '07 (Hungary)

Since March 2008 I have been working as a junior policy advisor on genetic engineering at Greenpeace European Unit. The Unit is based in Brussels; it monitors and analyses the work of the EU institutions, exposing deficient EU policies and laws, and challenging decision-makers to implement progressive solutions. Greenpeace European Unit also plays a role in coordinating the Europe-based national and regional offices of Greenpeace. This way Greenpeace is able to influence decision-making processes at the levels where the decisions are being made: national ministries, national authorities, national parliament, European Commission, European Parliament etc.

Wardell Armstrong Environmental Consultancy

I studied landscape planning and worked in nature conservation before joining the first batch of mespom. I choose this programme because I wanted to gain more knowledge on and insight to the strategic and policy levels within the field of environment. MESPOM not only met my expectations but went far beyond it! Besides giving me a sound understanding of the million sides to the environment, it provided opportunities for unforgettable knowledge exchange and deep friendships.

Marta Vetier (Hungary), Cohort I (2005-2007)

Since my childhood I have always turned with great respect towards the environment and nature surrounding us. I went hiking with my parents almost every weekend and as a teenager I was an active member of several nature-clubs. These influenced my decision to start my university studies as a landscape architect; I got my masters degree at the Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary) in 2004.

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