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Anastasiya Idrisova '10 (Tajikistan) and Alvin Chandra '10 (Fiji)

We (Anastasiya Idrisova and Alvin Chandra, Batch 4 2008-2010) are pleased to share our recent publication, “Convention on Biological Diversity: a review of national challenges and opportunities for implementation” in the Biodiversity Conservation Journal.

Alvin Chandra '10 (Fiji)

I am a pleased to share with you the link to a recent publication on Building Resilience to Climate Change -Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Lessons from Field, recently launched by the IUCN at the CBD COP-10 in Nagoya, Japan ( The publication documents some of the early lessons that are being learned in adaptation from success stories from the field. This publication contains eleven case studies covering different ecosystems and regions around the world.

Alvin Chandra '10 (Fiji)

The sound of MESPOM and the dynamic nature of the international degree provide a comfort to me. For the past few years, after pursuing in a number of graduate programmes from Australia and Pacific, I feel this programme holds a value to anyone seeking international exposure in broader environmental issues. My life experiences from growing up in a small island environment, where adaptability to externalities is a constant demand of life, has influenced my interest in environmental issues.

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