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Huang He '09 (China)

I am Huang He, a MESPOMer in 2007-2009, and I come from China. After working in London for a while, I am back to Beijing and start working for the Energy Research Institute (ERI) at the National Development and Reform Committee of China. ERI is the most important Chinese energy institute; it has a big influence on decision-making process, especially in my field (renewable energy policy), where China’s renewable energy law was drafted. Renewable energy, considered as good for both environment and economy, is still quite new in China and the whole industry is full of uncertainties and challenges.

Huang He '09 (China): Post-Earthquake Recovery Efforts and Corporate Social Responsibility

I come from China and joined MESPOM in 2007 after graduating from Peking University. This summer (between attending the University of the Aegean and the University of Manchester) I was an intern of Ecologia, a US organization, involved in MESPOM's ENVERA partnership. My internship took place in Chinese province of Sichuan soon after it experienced the tragic 8.0 Ms earthquake. Extraordinary things happening there go beyond the recovery efforts.

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