Chunsheng Yao '10 (China)

Although I have graduated more than a year ago, from time to time I still think about the wonderful years of MESPOM. Apart from meeting interesting and clever classmates, I've got excellent academic training in the field of environmental management and policy, especially during my study in IIIEE, Lund University.

Saatvika Rai '07 (India), PhD Candidate at Kansas University

I am Saatvika Rai, from India, from MESPOM class 2005-07. Currently I am a PhD candidate at the Political Science Department, University of Kansas (USA). I am also a graduate teaching assistant and teach international relations to undergraduate students. My areas of specialization are Public Policy and Comparative Politics, with a minor in Research Methods. My research interests are climate change adaptation and I am keen to explore climate refugees or migration, especially in Africa.

Nga Nguyen '12 (Vietnam)

My name is Nga Nguyen and I am a second year student of MESPOM (2010-2012)

I really don’t know how to answer "where are you from" type of question since my fragmented academic career took me on five continents in eight years and by now I should have a case of identity crisis (just kidding). I graduated with a bachelor in applied Mathematics and I just started a graduate certificate in Geographic Information System before joining MESPOM. The reason I chose MESPOM was the interdisciplinary nature of the program, one that can bridge my different interests in sciences, management and policy (as the name literally suggests). I also chose MESPOM because of the distinguished professors and universities in the consortium. However, the moment I joined MESPOM, I forgot about all of these calculations and the journey I had so far was beyond magical. Not only that I was in an elite group of accomplished students, I was also part of a family whose strong bond will last for many years to come.

Anastasiya Idrisova '10 (Tajikistan) and Alvin Chandra '10 (Fiji)

We (Anastasiya Idrisova and Alvin Chandra, Batch 4 2008-2010) are pleased to share our recent publication, “Convention on Biological Diversity: a review of national challenges and opportunities for implementation” in the Biodiversity Conservation Journal.

Njisuh Feka '09 (Cameroon)

Njisuh Feka from Batch 3 (2007-2009) is currently volunteering as project development officer for the United Kingdom base charity African Conservation for Development Foundation (ACDEF). In this position, he is principally responsible for identifying and proposing suitable project ideas in the nexus of biodiversity conservation and development in West-Central Africa and participating in the development of fund-raising proposals.

Tahia Devisscher '07 (Bolivia)

Tahia is a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford. She is also part of the ECI Ecosystem Lab where she studies complex social-ecological systems, analyzing the dynamics between forests, fire, people, land use and climate change in the southern rim of Amazonia.

Research fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute, Oxford Centre. Her work is mainly focused on climate change adaptation in developing countries. She is also involved in the development and support of

Marta Vetier '07 (Hungary), Greenpeace Hungary Programme Director

After returning to Hungary, to my home country, for the birth of my son, I continued to work for Greenpeace.

From January to June 2011, I was coordinating Greenpeace's activities during the Hungarian EU Presidency.This meant lots of lobby and expert work, and gathering and filtering loads of information.

Nguyen Nhu Hue '08 (Vietnam) and Tatirose Vijitpan '10 (Thailand)

After having met in Europe a few years ago, Nguyen Nhu Hue (MESPOM Batch 2) and Tatirose Vijitpan (MESPOM Batch 4) now become colleagues at the Mekong River Commission (MRC) in Vientiane , Lao PDR.

Peter Kiryushin '12 (Russia)

I am  Peter Kiryushin, a first year MESPOM student (2010-2012). I had quite a few reasons for chosing MESPOM. After graduating from the School of Public Administration of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (LMSU), I decided to become an environmental professional. I worked as a junior research fellow at the LMSU, and also did some project work for the Moscow Institute of International Relations and the Russian Association for Biofuels.

Elena Kmetova '10 (Bulgaria)

My name is Elena Kmetova and I am a MESPOM Batch 4 recent graduate, who could also be found dwelling the Environmental Systems Laboratory for three long semesters.

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