Begum Kurcu '11 (Turkey)

I am Begum from Turkey and I am really very excited to meet all of you and start MESPOM 0911. I graduated from Environmental Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University (Turkey) in 2007. During my university years, I held different internships in public and private sector which made me realize how much I want to work on environmental management.

Sarah Lang '11 (USA)

I am Sarah, originally from San Francisco, USA and I am excited to begin my first year of MESPOM this fall. I graduated University of California (Santa Barbara) in June of this year with dual degrees in Global Studies and Environmental Studies. I have studied abroad several times before, including during my third year of high school which I spent in Spain living with a host family and learning Spanish.

Shahzia Khan '08 (Bangladesh)

I am Shahzia from Dhaka, Bangladesh and studied at MESPOM in 2006-2008. After returning home, I was searching for the best possible way that would integrate my prior working experiences, passion and new knowledge I gathered from MESPOM. I found myself greatly interested in building new ideas and sharing knowledge for which academia seemed most-suited. It was a coincidence that I also received calls to join several universities to teach undergraduate students from multiple disciplines.

Luciana Sivestri '08 (Argentina)

I am Luciana Sivestri, I come from Argentina and I attended MESPOM in 2006-2008. As soon as I finished MESPOM I got a job offer to work in Madrid for the organization called the Club of Madrid.I am in charge of their project called Global Leadership for Climate Change assisting the Director in climate change issues. This is a joint initiative with the United Nations Foundation Basically I am working in climate change negotiations for a post 2012 agreement.

Neelambari Phalkey '08 (India)

I come from Mumbai, India and studied at MESPOM in 2006-2008. Before joining MESPOM I completed Research Training Program from Center for Studies in Social Sciences in Kolkatta. I also hold a Masters in Sociology (University of Mumbai) and worked with WWF-Divisional office (Pune, India) as a consultant and researcher in the field of environmental education.

Chunsheng Yao '10 (China): Four aspects of MESPOM

I am Chunsheng Yao from Beijing, China. Before joining MESPOM in 2008, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Geography from Beijing Normal University and a master's degree in Cartology and GIS from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and worked in the field of education for sustainable development for about 4 years.

Recently I was asked to introduce MESPOM to my Chinese fellow in order to attract more outstanding students to apply. Considering the high quality and unique features of MESPOM, I responded agreeably and would like to share my ideas in four aspects.

Huang He '09 (China): Post-Earthquake Recovery Efforts and Corporate Social Responsibility

I come from China and joined MESPOM in 2007 after graduating from Peking University. This summer (between attending the University of the Aegean and the University of Manchester) I was an intern of Ecologia, a US organization, involved in MESPOM's ENVERA partnership. My internship took place in Chinese province of Sichuan soon after it experienced the tragic 8.0 Ms earthquake. Extraordinary things happening there go beyond the recovery efforts.

Marta Vetier '07 (Hungary)

Since March 2008 I have been working as a junior policy advisor on genetic engineering at Greenpeace European Unit. The Unit is based in Brussels; it monitors and analyses the work of the EU institutions, exposing deficient EU policies and laws, and challenging decision-makers to implement progressive solutions. Greenpeace European Unit also plays a role in coordinating the Europe-based national and regional offices of Greenpeace. This way Greenpeace is able to influence decision-making processes at the levels where the decisions are being made: national ministries, national authorities, national parliament, European Commission, European Parliament etc.

Karen Basiye '08 (Kenya)

I come from Kenya and studied at MESPOM in 2006-2008. Before joining MESPOM I worked in the Ministry of Environment of my country.

My new job is very exciting and challenging I am the Environment Policy and Compliance Manager for the leading telecommunication company here in Kenya. This is a new position so I am the first environment manager and thus have to set up an environment management system, deal with all environmental complaints from the public, develop environment awareness materials for the consumers as well as the company employees. I have to coordinate both internal and external environment issues. I also coordinate CSR activities in relation to the environment, and deal with environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental audit (EA). I also advise the management on environmental issues. Currently I am also working on a program for clean hybrid energy systems for the company.

John Duncan '08 (South Africa)

Prior to joininng MESPOM I had been studying and working in the biodiversity conservation field in South Africa. This was always where I wanted to end up again after finishing MESPOM. During MESPOM studies I tried to focus on topics that I felt would come in useful in this field. I was also lucky enough to focus my MESPOM thesis on the environmental policy relating to the traditional linefishery here in South Africa, which gave me valuable insights into how the small-scale fishing industry in my home country operates.

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