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Before today, I have spoken here of IIIEE and Lund helping live dreams. They have allowed more of my wishes to be fulfilled since. A supply chain sounded intriguing right from the time I was first introduced to the concept during management education. One can at best only imagine how far beyond items all around are connected to.

Bioenergy PhD studies at CEU

If one is there to ask whether there is life after MESPOM, believe me, there is. And this life is not less intensive, interesting and exciting than it used to be during our wonderful MESPOM years.

After graduating in 2007, I am starting PhD studies at Central European University. I continue to work on bio-energy issues, trying to promote the idea that biofuels could save the world. Wink Just kidding...

Lund, first impressions

Handling four currencies in a day in the process - one of those uniquely MESPOM experiences - I arrived in Lund on an overcast, gray afternoon. This is a bit unfair to Budapest, of-course. While equally beautiful, much bigger and hence with many more sights to behold and marvel, Budapest did not get a blog entry when Sachin first set foot there last year. But then, this website did not exist and Sachin does not write blogs on lesser websites! It will be a bit of cheating to write first time experiences having spent an year there.

A short ride through a laboratory thesis project

The interaction of microorganisms with pollutants has lead to the development of an exciting field of research for environmentalists. The unprecedented interest in bioremediation and its applications stems from the failure of aggressive and invasive treatment methods that disturb ecosystems by stuffing them with unnecessary quantities of chemicals. Therefore, the use of microorganisms represents a viable, cost-effective decontamination alternative that is based on natural processes and can be scaled up for industrial or other purposes.

Kerepesi út 87

Excerpt from a recent MESPOM Google group discussion thread.

For starters, this address is probably one of the few student residence facilities in the world that look like anything but : all floors wall- to-walled, 24 hour reception, central heating and cooling, tennis and basketball courts, swimming pool, sauna and gym, open spaces - all maintained and offered free. Every furnished room with broadband connected computers, its own temperature knob, hot and cold shower 24/365, and a view of the general landscape. It is cleaned and changed weekly without fail.

My Experience in Malaysia - Part 2

WEEK 5: Native communities in Miri and the ‘New Concept’ scheme

CDM company EcoSecurities

I'm very happy to let you know that today I have accepted an excellent offer from EcoSecurities, a leading company in developing and commercialising greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects (CDM) around the world. I will be based in Oxford and start working from February.

I want to thank the MESPOM opportunity where I gained the knowledge and experience for the offer!

Rachelle Bissett-Amess (Australia), Cohort I (2005-2007)

I am Australian and have a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Chemistry. My professional experience includes environmental regulation working mainly for the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in the area of contaminated land management. I have a particular interest in the fate of chemicals in the environment; the affects of contamination on the environment and human health; and the fundamental link between environment protection and human rights.

Lovish Ahuja (India), Cohort I (2005-2007)

I have B.E in Environmental Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi University as well as a Diploma in Indian Environmental Law from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi . I worked as an Executive with Environment Management Division, Confederation of Indian Industry, New Delhi. Was actively involved in the facilitation of management systems (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000 and BS 8555 etc.) implementation in Indian Industries.

Tahia Devisscher (Bolivia), Class'07

I obtained a BSc in Environmental Sciences and Development Studies at the Zamorano University in Honduras . During my last year of studies I did an internship in Mexico, where I worked with World Vision in the area of design, monitoring and evaluation of development programs for five regions. After my undergraduate I worked in Boliviawith The Nature Conservancy on improve the forestry sector. I also participated in a research program carried out by the Department of Renewable Resources at the Louisiana State University, US.

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