Njisuh Feka '09 (Cameroon)

Njisuh Feka from Batch 3 (2007-2009) is currently volunteering as project development officer for the United Kingdom base charity African Conservation for Development Foundation (ACDEF). In this position, he is principally responsible for identifying and proposing suitable project ideas in the nexus of biodiversity conservation and development in West-Central Africa and participating in the development of fund-raising proposals.

Combining his previous professional experience with the inspirational skills he accumulated during his training as a MESPOMer, Njisuh Feka recently partnered with colleagues from Tecnologico de Monterrey (Prof Mario Manzano) and Vrije University Belgium (Prof Farid Dahdouh-Guebas) to publish an article titled The effects of different gender harvesting practices on mangrove ecology and conservation in Cameroon". Results of this research highlight gender specific characteristics of mangrove wood harvesting practices in the South West Region of Cameroon and how these practices affect the sustainability of mangroves. Moreover, it elucidates how the complimentarily of gender roles contributes to deteriorate mangrove forests in this Region. Base on these results a conceptual model for integrating gender roles into the management of this is proposed.