Saatvika Rai '07 (India), PhD Candidate at Kansas University

Saatvika Rai

I am Saatvika Rai, from India, from MESPOM class 2005-07. Currently I am a PhD candidate at the Political Science Department, University of Kansas (USA). I am also a graduate teaching assistant and teach international relations to undergraduate students. My areas of specialization are Public Policy and Comparative Politics, with a minor in Research Methods. My research interests are climate change adaptation and I am keen to explore climate refugees or migration, especially in Africa.

I am on a 5-year sabbatical from my previous job as a Research Associate at The Energy and Resources Institute India (TERI). At TERI I worked extensively on Climate Change and Rehabilitation & Resettlement of community displaced by large development projects. I am excited about my PhD and look forward to continuing my research and teaching work in the future.