Shahzia Khan '08 (Bangladesh)

I am Shahzia from Dhaka, Bangladesh and studied at MESPOM in 2006-2008. After returning home, I was searching for the best possible way that would integrate my prior working experiences, passion and new knowledge I gathered from MESPOM. I found myself greatly interested in building new ideas and sharing knowledge for which academia seemed most-suited. It was a coincidence that I also received calls to join several universities to teach undergraduate students from multiple disciplines. I just joined the Department of Environmental Science and Management of North South University as a lecturer. It is a prestigious institution equipped with modern method of teaching and well-known in the country and abroad for bringing out promising young professionals.

As I see now, my learning in MESPOM not only gave me a new understanding about sustainability transition but also provided me the guidance from listening and observing the excellent resource persons who taught us in the past two years. Inspired by the core of MESPOM curriculum, I decided to tailor my course founding upon the ‘system-approach’ and critical thinking. I believe, understanding or rather ‘dancing with the systems’ should be introduced to every discipline in an educational institution as well as other organizations. My students come from different disciplines encompassing business, computer science and engineering, economics, architecture and environmental studies etc. The critical pedagogy used in MESPOM on an interactive teacher-student platform is enormously useful to vision my future delivery to the young minds. I have been very lucky with my mentors who provide me continuous guidance to communicate better with the various networks I am connected to.

I am engaged in designing and conducting research projects on human rights and water management, disaster risk reduction and sustainable production with organizations trying to develop local governance in the country. I also hope to continue my effort with my colleagues, youth and friends to reduce the impact of climate change. I realized that in every step of my future actions, experiences and knowledge that we are still receiving from the MESPOM network and its vast academic resources will be valuable to contribute in the transition we are envisioning.
With a positive vision to change in the ever-becoming complex environment, I wish you all the very bests to your endeavors!