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Mel Phadtare '16 (Australia and U.K.)

I joined MESPOM Batch-10 during 2014-2016 and studied in Budapest, Lesvos, Netherlands, UK and Lund. Before coming to the degree program, I had already enjoyed a career across the water, waste, soil and food production, communications, CSR, community engagement, climate change, and disaster risk management sectors. That’s because I completed a Bachelors of Applied Science in Environmental Assessment and Management back in 1995.

Cecile Tang '16 (France and China)

I’m a Batch 10 MESPOM-er who studied at CEU (Hungary), UoA (Greece), UoM (U.K.), and finally UoS (Canada) from 2014-2016. Prior to MESPOM, I completed a BSc in Biology from McGill University (Canada), minoring in both Environmental and Hispanic Studies. My interest in conservation issues originated from my experience as a volunteer in sea turtle conservation in Mexico in 2010 when I was a first year university student keen to explore my interests and still new at navigating through academia.

Isaac Guzman Estrada '16 (Mexico)

" Overall, my whole MESPOM experience – as a student and later as an intern – lead me to pursue a path to connect my passion about urban areas, the ways to make them less carbon-intensive, and the people who actively do something to pursue sustainable human cities."


Dr. Brandon Anthony (Associate Professor, CEU)

Dr. Brandon Anthony, originally from Canada and a current resident of Hungary, completed both his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Dr.

Olivia Lewis '16 (U.K.)

" MESPOM experience has certainly paid off as I feel much more equipped to work professionally on environmental topics..."

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