Lydia Press '09 (UK)

Lydia Press '09 (UK)

Lydia Press tragically died in a climbing accident during holidays in French Alps on May 2nd, 2008. The MESPOM community is in deep sorrow because of this terrible loss. The Daily Mail published an article about Lydia and what has happened (see also The Sun). Tributes and photos can be shared here or at Lasting Tribute.

In 2009, Lydia's family established a Memorial Fund in her name which, among other activities, has supported field research of MESPOM students during their thesis writing periods.


I came to MESPOM from the UK, looking for the environmental masters with a difference. I wanted to integrate my scientific academic background with wider environmental and sustainability issues in the company of like-minded people from all over the world, and learn from their different cultures and experiences at the same time.
I studied Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford, completing my masters there in collaboration with the University of Manchester. My thesis was based on fieldwork I had undertaken with an NGO in Cambodia studying natural contamination of groundwater with arsenic, and biogeochemical analysis of Bengali aquifer sediments. I presented this work at the Goldschmidt geochemistry conference in Cologne in August 2007, and hope to work again on water supply issues.

I also have a strong interest in renewable energy resources, and the role that all of these problems and solutions play in our relationship with climate change.
In the summer before starting MESPOM I worked for a small environmental consultancy in the UK focusing on certification of sustainable palm oil, and although I am interested in continuing work in a similar vein, I am open to the many diverse aspects we are taught during the course and look forward to the opportunities it will offer in the future.