Marta Vetier '07 (Hungary), Greenpeace Hungary Programme Director

Marta Vetier

After returning to Hungary, to my home country, for the birth of my son, I continued to work for Greenpeace.

From January to June 2011, I was coordinating Greenpeace's activities during the Hungarian EU Presidency.This meant lots of lobby and expert work, and gathering and filtering loads of information.

In August 2011, I was appointed programme director of the Hungarian Greenpeace office. Now I manage the campaign, media and activists teams of the office; and I'm responsible for developing the annual plans and long term strategies for the Hungarian office; representing the organization in high-level meetings and ensuring that fund-raising, campaigning and activism go hand in hand.

The beauty of this work is not only that I have a team of lovely, clever and highly motivated people, but also that I know I'm working for the right thing.

One of my colleague's little son proudly said the other day, when he was asked in kindergarten what his mother does: "She saves the earth!". Hopefully my son will also feel similar when he grows older.