Tatirose Vijitpan '10 (Thailand)

Tatirose Vijitpan '10 (Thailand)

"...it is completely rewarding to become a MESPOMer."

MESPOM has sharpened me in numerous aspects. The subjects covered were very diverse and practical, essential for work, looking at issues from different angles. The contents, especially during the first year at the CEU, were accompanied with case studies from all parts of the world. Students were assigned to work on our own country case, which vastly improved the understanding of my own country's situation, thus extremely beneficial for work afterwards. The professors and visiting professors were very knowledgeable with hands-on experience. They employed different learning approaches, including role play (amazingly realistic!), (a lot of) group work, real case on an ongoing EIA in Canada, and a number of field visits.

The class itself was completely international, consisting of 35 students from 26 countries in my batch. With each of us having diverse educational background and work experience, every time we had a presentation from all classmates especially on our city/country it felt like participating in an international conference. We could learn and compare how environmental issues were tackled in different parts of the world. Having been exposed to an absolutely international environment, as a big bonus I have naturally become familiar with different English accents from around the world.

After graduation from MESPOM in 2010, I returned to work with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia Centre in Thailand. Then, I moved to the Mekong River Commission Secretariat in Lao PDR, where I had a chance to work with Nguyen Nhu Hue’ 08 (Viet Nam), also working at the same organisation, and to collaborate with Sonja Koeppel’ 07 (Germany), working at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Earlier this year, I started working with the United Nations Environment Programme - International Ecosystem Management Partnership (UNEP-IEMP) in Beijing, after getting married with my former MESPOM classmate from China, Yao Chunsheng. As you can see, MESPOM has provided me with valuable opportunities in my life, both professionally and personally.

For those who are interested in applying for MESPOM, be warned that it is going to be a very intensive 2 years of your life, but it is completely rewarding to become a MESPOMer. You will definitely be able to survive in any kinds of tough situations!