Kerepesi út 87

Excerpt from a recent MESPOM Google group discussion thread.

For starters, this address is probably one of the few student residence facilities in the world that look like anything but : all floors wall- to-walled, 24 hour reception, central heating and cooling, tennis and basketball courts, swimming pool, sauna and gym, open spaces - all maintained and offered free. Every furnished room with broadband connected computers, its own temperature knob, hot and cold shower 24/365, and a view of the general landscape. It is cleaned and changed weekly without fail.

That is the general picture. Now to speak more personally.

I cannot live or work well in a room with a window facing the walls or windows of the next building. My own room here, 241, faces (nay, overlooks) small, country-sized, well-spaced houses and green woods. It is essential to my way of life to see a wide part of the sky in the window. To be able to take a break in a quick walk around the silent residential area densely lined with mixed trees or even to a patch of forest if I have the time or need. Or coffee with friends under the sky, in my own backyard. For those who care for that sort of thing, in spring and summer I can tell with my eyes closed when the bus enters this area. The faint summer fragrance of Pilisi utca (behind the building) is not for mortals of lesser luck.

The much maligned cafeteria has actually served nice food to my taste on occasions. (That is saying something, because I'm Indian.) The beef stew, variety of mushroom soups, some desserts and salads are delicious, if you can catch the warm dishes while warm. At any rate, you are provided a microwave, a kettle, a fridge and so on in the lounge on your floor. You may choose to buy food and warm or cool it at your convenience.

I find the dorm staff go some length to make your stay comfortable. The IT support, reception, security, cafe staff, coffee lounge staff and the cleaning staff have all been exceptionally kind to me at least once in the past year.

There have been some management changes for the worse since. The meal - pricing was bitterly fought over, they discontinued the bartender in the coffee lounge and such like. General management is not something you seek perfection in, if at all. I speak as someone who spent a casual evening with some of the staff on the last day of their jobs - exchanging email addresses and such. The dorm is a community, should you elect to feel a part of it. I wonder how many of the apartment dwellers made life-long friends with their neighbors.

Speaking of which, I would probably not have known so many students had I not lived here. Long hours of chats with close friends, sprawled in one of their rooms, until almost daybreak. No hurry of leaving to travel to your place. You stay until the argument is settled; you reach your bed in under 30 seconds! Settling arguments can take quite a while with mindsets and worldviews originating all across the world. Pop in to see any of 20 friends without a moment's notice. (Ah, maybe I shouldn't have said that while selling the dorm!)

True, a number of classmates who were initially offered rooms here have left since. Most of them found the commute a bother, I suppose. (The dorm is actually well connected, though. Unlike most apartments, the bus-stop is at the doorstep.) But me and my friend and neighbor - whose post drove me to writing this - have continued to enjoy our stay here right to the very end. As for me, I think I've given my reasons at length.

It is a matter of perspective and priority, folks! I've tried to give you the former; you must choose the latter.

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