Sachin Kumar BADKAS '08 (India)

When I first saw the new face of this website, it was a welcome change in many respects. The content appears more compact and more akin to websites of the day. I was not glad to see the logos of the four universities go. They got replaced by pictures, which could just as well be all from Budapest!

Then came the surprises, the first being that my login was no longer accepted. After I had my credentials renewed, came the second surprise. Several entries on my blog are arbitrarily missing, including the one I liked the most (titled "You 2.0", if anyone at all rememebrs). That was a rude blow. Until then, I never thought of this blog as hosted with a second party. And now, as I actually edit this entry online, I can see several other issues cropping up! For one, I can barely see my text in this edit pane.

Anyway, onto the present entry then, hoping it will last on the blog for a while, though I can no longer guarantee anything, folks! The main content today are links, so I'd bookmark them rather than this entry.

After you graduated from MESPOM, did you go on to work in the core environmental sector, surrounded by peers in the same field? Or did some of you end up like me, the in-house "environmental guy" in a building where everyone else works in various other fields? Those in the latter category would know what I am talking about when I say I often get accosted in corridors with questions on environmentally preferable choices. Sometimes, the trouble is that people regularly buy all sorts of products and accesories that I never have had need for. I have no advice for them. At other times, less often, the problem is that my advice is not good enough for them. They want me to tell them where they can find credible support for the options I suggest.

Here are a few pointers to where I then usually lead people:

When trying to explain choices to young people and gives ideas for action, this is as good a place to start as any. Or you can find simple one-page life cycle summaries of a small assortment of common products here.

Most discussion naturally starts in an office environment. If your colleague with nothing better to do pesters you for ideas on making the workspace greener, send her here. If you usually play the role of said irritating colleague yourself, print an inventory from that website and send an invoice to the concerned department. To start small, make people feel better about their most common source of guilt - printing. If, after you have tried all of the above, you still feel the urge to visit a confessional every time you print plain text for temporary use, just go for the final step: cut the flesh out of the font itself!

The Americans among us can of-course expect their local entrepreneur to have found business opportunities in it all. One direct benefit of information-competitiveness is that well-meaning crusaders can expect much more support where they can demonstrate a business interest. For instance, when a Berkeley professor, no less, decides to round up geeks and nerds and organise all the advice.

For those who prefer more verbose introductions to exciting new things, I found this last one through another MESPOMer, who often shares content from there over FaceBook.

You may have other sites in mind. Please put the links in comments if you will.


- Sachin Kumar BADKAS