Shwetha Nair (India): from a scientific background working with wildlife to seeking the opportunity to learn about management and policy

October 9, 2018

Please describe your professional and educational background, and what brought you to MESPOM?

I found out about MESPOM on an alumni’s FB post. Having a few years’ experience working in conservation, I had realised that I lacked skills that needed to translate the research I was doing to policy or conservation measures.

Sergio Rejado Albaina '14 (Spain)

September 2, 2018

Life follows unexpected paths. Often unexpected ones. And it seems that being a MESPOM alumnus is the perfect recipe for the systematic enjoyment of pleasant surprises and encounters. During the last two months, I have met three fellow MESPOM alumni in Mexico, Israel, and Germany. And they are indeed not the only ones that I have re-encountered since graduating. This actually happens with a surprising frequency.

Stanzi Litjens '19 (Netherlands)

February 16, 2018

Stanzi's academic background is in Business Administration (B.A.) and in applying to MESPOM was seeking a more environmental approach rather than seeing the world in terms of money and ‘shareholder value’. She made a decision to focus on the link between government, business, and non-governmental organizations to pursue a healthier balance in the current system. While studying for her B.A. she also worked for World Wide Fund for Nature in Argentina in forest and coastal management.

Mel Phadtare '16 (Australia and U.K.)

August 4, 2017

I joined MESPOM Batch-10 during 2014-2016 and studied in Budapest, Lesvos, Netherlands, UK and Lund. Before coming to the degree program, I had already enjoyed a career across the water, waste, soil and food production, communications, CSR, community engagement, climate change, and disaster risk management sectors. That’s because I completed a Bachelors of Applied Science in Environmental Assessment and Management back in 1995.

Cecile Tang '16 (France and China)

May 25, 2017

I’m a Batch 10 MESPOM-er who studied at CEU (Hungary), UoA (Greece), UoM (U.K.), and finally UoS (Canada) from 2014-2016. Prior to MESPOM, I completed a BSc in Biology from McGill University (Canada), minoring in both Environmental and Hispanic Studies. My interest in conservation issues originated from my experience as a volunteer in sea turtle conservation in Mexico in 2010 when I was a first year university student keen to explore my interests and still new at navigating through academia.