CEU TOEFL Test for Applicants

Applicants for financial aid are strongly encouraged to submit proofs of their English proficiency by the application deadline.

MESPOM applicants who also apply to CEU's MS course in Environmental Sciences and Policy are eligible to take the free CEU-administered TOEFL test

Student life FAQs

Q:  How many students are enrolled in MESPOM?

A: 30 students were enrolled in 2005-2007, 33 in 2006-2008, 40 in 2007-2009, 35 in 2008-2010, 34 in 2009-2011, 29 in 2010-2012, 29 in 2011-2013, 33 in 2012-2014, 27 in 2013-2015, 30 in 2014-2016, 21 in 2015-2017, and 25 in 2016-2017. See also the MESPOM students site.

Q: How can I contact current MESPOM students or alumni?

Admissions and financial aid FAQs

In this section you will find answers on the most common question regarding the admission process and eligibility. Check also out the information and discussion flows at the Study at MESPOM Facebook group

Q: There is not enough time for me to obtain a language proficiency certificate before the application deadline. What do I do?

Study programme FAQs

Q: Where can I access the recent programme description, a typical schedule and sample courses?

A: MESPOM and CEU run an e-learning Website which contains these documents. The programme description and the most recent schedule (for the current semester) are publicly available.

Q: What kind of degree will I receive?

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