Latin America

Reforming Weak States and Deficient Bureaucracies

Kochanowicz, J.. "Reforming Weak States and Deficient Bureaucracies." In Intricate links: Democratization and market reforms in Latin America and Eastern Europe, edited by J. M. Nelson, J. Kochanowicz, K. Mizsei and O. Muñoz, 195-225. New Brunswick, N.J., USA: Transaction Publishers,U.S., 1994.

Tahia Devisscher '07 (Bolivia): UNDP position

I am currently working for UNDP Bolivia, writing for the Human Development Report (HDR) 2008. I do research and analysis on the environmental and local socio-economic impacts of biofuels expansion, mining activities and development projects in Bolivia such as road and hydroelectric dams development.

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