CEU TOEFL Test for Applicants

Applicants for financial aid are strongly encouraged to submit proofs of their English proficiency by the application deadline.

An outstanding candidate to MESPOM may be offered provisional acceptance and recommended for financial aid without submitting an English proficiency proof. Such candidates residing in those countries where the CEU TOEFL test is offerred and applying for the CEU MS program (as their 2nd or 1st choice) will be able to submit their test results in March and thereby validate their admission decision. If suitable test results are not provided within a separately specified timeline (normally in March-April), the admission and financial aid offer will be withdrawn.

It should be stressed that the lack of a proof of English proficiency at the time of making selection (the end of February) greatly decreases the chances of a candidate being admitted and offered financial aid. MESPOM therefore encourages all applicants to have their English test scores or other proofs ready by that time.

In order to determine whether you need a formal proof of English proficiency please consult the updated eligibility requirements.