Student life FAQs

Q:  How many students are enrolled in MESPOM?

A: 30 students were enrolled in 2005-2007, 33 in 2006-2008, 40 in 2007-2009, 35 in 2008-2010, 34 in 2009-2011, 29 in 2010-2012, 29 in 2011-2013, 33 in 2012-2014, 27 in 2013-2015, 30 in 2014-2016 and 21 in 2015-2017. See also the MESPOM students site.

Q: How can I contact current MESPOM students or alumni?

A: You can contact them by joining the Study at MESPOM group, or through this Website (you will need to become a registered user), at their official e-mail addresses ( or through the MESPOM Coordinator In the latter case please indicate whom of the students you wish to contact and for what purpose.