MESPOM History

In 2005, MESPOM was created and selected as an Erasmus Mundus Masters course (EMMC). In 2005-2011, MESPOM operated within the Erasmus Mundus programme with four European partners;

In 2009, MESPOM was selected as an EMMC for the 2nd time. In 2010-2016, it operated under the Erasmus Mundus programme and then its successor Erasmus + programme; two North American partners joined the MESPOM Consortium in this period;

In 2015-2019 MESPOM has been operating as a joint Master course without support from the European Commission;

In 2017 MESPOM was selected as an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree and will operate within the Erasmus+ programme in 2018-2022.