Manchester University next in UK research ranking after Oxford and Cambridge

The findings of the UK 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE*) show an outstanding performance by the University of Manchester, one of the MESPOM Consortium partners, and confirm that it is one of only a handful of UK universities with an internationally significant research profile over a very wide range of subjects. The scale and diversity of its submission confirms Manchester's status as a genuine research powerhouse and places us in a fully competitive position with the 'golden triangle' of Cambridge, Oxford and London.

The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) is a formalised method of assessing the quality of research conducted in universities and other higher education institutions in the UK against international standards of excellence and enables the higher education funding bodies to distribute public funds on the basis of quality.

Professor Alan Gilbert, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University, said: "These results justify the decision to merge UMIST and the Victoria University of Manchester in 2004 and our massive investment in new staff and facilities since then. In order to achieve the ambition of being among the worlds top 25 universities by 2015, we have added around 1,000 new and outstanding researchers since 2004, and invested more than £403 million in new and refurbished buildings and facilities."

These results show an outstanding performance by the University, confirming its position as one of the UK's top major research universities and reinforcing the 2008 Jiao Tong (Shanghai) 'World University Rankings' which placed Manchester at 40th in the world and 6th in Europe earlier this year.

The amount of data included in the RAE results means there are a number of different ways of analysing the results. But in each case, Manchester ranks among the country's top performing universities.

You can find more information about the RAE 2008 results and individual subject results at:

Prepared after the University of Manchester Alumni Newsletter