Greening the links

Greening the links

It belonged to the previous semester, it’s been totally forgotten during the cozy Christmas break, but we could not escape it – the student conference on the Environmental Law and Policy was meant to happen on one gloomy January Saturday at the Central European University again.

After some struggle with our abstracts and a few sleepless nights, Lauren’s poster picturing a makeshift railway station announced: ‘Greening the Links: International Environment and Development Beyond Today’.

‘No school on Saturdays - this has been my strict policy so far’ one of us noted looking at the schedule that read ‘8.45’ for the beginning of the event.

‘Butterflies, you know’ some came to confess just before it was their turn to present.

We approached it courageously: topics varied from the trade of hazardous waste, marine fisheries certification, the global forest governance to the cooperation in post-conflict areas and the alternative risk management.

Never mind the sun outside, the only two visitors from outside the program – plenty of coffee had to make up for it from 9am to 5pm when we could finally unwind.

After a long day we gave in to our usual international groove to sum it up: it’s been fun after all.