MESPOM students win Lund Green Prix

The Lund Green Prix is the final event in the ISS (Industrial Sustasinability Strategies) course. Students design a "car" constructed from simple materials such as card-board, wood sticks and plastic straws.

The students compete in groups in five categories with their "cars".

- Greatest marketing potential, where staff and students vote on their favorite

- Performance, where the "cars" travel down a slope created by the tables in the Aula

- Disassembly, where the students are to scrap the "cars" under time pressure

- Recycling, where not recyclable parts are taxed by weight according to a waste taxation stipulated by the Royal Lundonian Waste Tax Commision; and finally

- Material Cost, where the winning group has succeeded best in dealing with multiple and partly contradictive demands on the product - "the car".

Thus, the winning concept for a "car" has achieved in meeting a complex world placing a vast amount of contradicting demands on the product. The winning team this year consisted of five MESPOM students: Gerda Jonasz (Hungary), Alexander Romanov (Russia), Alesia Israilava (Belarus), Luciana Silvestri (Argentina) and Chi-Chung Tsao (Taiwan).

Watch the promotional video produced by fellow EMP students Benjamin Smith, Samira Viswanathan, Svetlana Gross and Christiane Hennig in the team Bolide.