New Academic Project

Well, here it is. A project very dear to me, personally and professionally. The idea took root sometime along MESPOM (perhaps on one of those late evening walks in Lund) but there was hardly ever time for thoughts on filling out the hazy outline let alone actually work on it.

It is a website dedicated to facilitating complementary matching for academic exchange. Let me repeat an excerpt from the front page here: "If you are in need of any kind of academic help that you believe the ideally suited individual could answer much quicker or better than those you know directly, log in and write a short new post. Alternatively, if you have tasted the immense satisfaction that comes from giving someone the exact answer or explanation they needed, log in and offer your help in your area of work. Or else, find someone around the world who best complements your knowledge status for the purposes of your research."

It is currently at a 'proof of concept' stage, but hopefully a working one. Even so, I will be happy to hear any opinions. Do use the service if it at all appeals to you. You could help promote it either directly - by leading good teachers or needy students here - or indirectly, by publishing the link on your blog or bookmarking it with Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon or whatever you use.

That is actually part reason for posting this news on this blog. Of-course I want the MESPOM community to hear of an alumnus project. But what matters infinitely more to search engines is that our own website,, has an incredible PageRank of 7/10!

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