Titles of MESPOM theses - 2008

Titles and full text of MESPOM theses presented in June, 2008

Family name First name Thesis title
Abjamilova Dinara  Land Reform and Rural Livelihoods - Case of the Kyrgyz Republic
Ahsan Reazul  Social equity and Sustainability for the immigrant communities in the UK planning policy: A Study on South Asian immigrants
Akwany Leonard  Water Footprint and Trade offs of Biofuels: The Case for Malawi in Sub-Saharan Africa
Badkas Sachin Kumar  Standard Setting for Technology Procurement – Redesigning an Instrument for the Environment
Barsoumian Sarine  Communicating CSR Between Businesses - Where do reports fit in?
Basiye Karen  Extended Producer Responsibility for the Management of Waste from Mobile Phone
Bayarlkhagva Munkhjargal Air Pollution Issues and Air Quality Management Practice in Unaanbaatar City, Mongolia 
Bhagwat Rohit Site Waste Management Practices in Construction Industry in United Kingdom
Chin Melissa Nature For Sale But Who’s Buying? Biodiversity Banking in Malua, Sabah
Chivakidakarn Yanin Source Separation Scheme in Three Thai Cities – Comparison of achievements
Cook Brendan Drivers and Barriers to Rural Bioenergy Entrepreneurships – The Case of Biogas in Vietnam
Demetriou Demetris Integrated Energy Planning for the Residential Sector - the Case Study of Cyprus
Duncan John The End of the Line? Benchmarking South Africa’s Traditional Linefishery
Hujber Dorottya  Barriers and challanges of „GROW YOUR OWN” food schemes in Melbourne, Australia
Israilava Alesia Energy Crops: Stakeholder Identification and Analysis – A Case of Belarus
Jonasz Gerda Improved circular migration programs for a socially just agriculture! Case study of Andalusia, Spain
Khan Shahzia Social Innovations in Creative Communities for Sustainable Consumption: is it promising?
Lin Jiaqiao Bioenergy Entrepreneurship in rural China
Lin Na Growing Carbon Dioxide Emissions from the Chinese Civil Aviation Industry in the Context of Global Climate Targets
Mahalingam Saravanan Evaluation of Energy Performance Rating Tools for Existing Buildings in UK
Manda Bmkrishna E-waste Management in India – Stakeholders’ perceptions and Media attention
Nath Baijayanta Experience of Policy Instruments used to promote renewable energy - Case study of Maharashtra, India
Nguyen Hue Toxic Omissions and Cancerous Growths: Addressing the Unexamined Assumption of Sustainable Consumption in Technologically Innovative Societies
Nyamjav Erdenesaikhan Implication of Transport Modal Shifts for Transport Energy Intensity: An International Comparison on CEE Countries during the Transition Years
Orian Elad The Transfer of Environmental Technology as a Tool for Empowering Communities in Conflict; the case of Participatory Water Monitoring in Cajamarca, Peru
Paulsen Adam Planning a path towards sustainable energy development - A case study of electricity system planning in Ontario, Canada
Phalkey Neelambari Analysis of the wind effects on Urban Heat Islands in the city of Manchester, UK
Qiao Liming Green Investment Scheme
Romanov Alexander Economic restructuring and air pollution in Russia in 1999-2006
Silvestri Luciana The Bitter Sweet Promise of Biofuels: Sweet for a few, bitter for many: A study case of Honduras
Stergiopoulou Lydia Economic Valuation of Wetland Habitat Injuries in Lake Kerkini in Greece
Tsao Chi-Chung Applying IO Approaches for Estimating Environmental Impacts of Industry and Policy in a Life Cycle Perspective. A case study: GHGs emission of semiconductor industry and “Two Trillion & Twin Star” Policy in Taiwan
Zheng Jie An Analysis of Outdoors Education in Senior Middle Schools in Beijing
Palchekh Tatsiana Developing Strategic Environmental Assessment screening in a transition country. The case-study of Belarus
Shanker Suganda Role of religious rituals in biodiversity   conservation