GIS day 2008: Geography matters!

Today, 19th of November 2008 is the International GIS day. It started as a part of the National Geographic Society’s, Geography Action! Geography Action! however nowadays it’s spread globally. GIS day is a yearlong program encompassing key educational achievements such as GIS Day and Geography Awareness Week designed to engage students, educators, and communities in taking action to protect the Earth and its people.

For many it is also a good occasion to celebrate the profession they are proud of. Our best wishes to GIS professionals, students and occasional users!

Ecosystems Management course in Greece

As winter is approaching, MESPOM Class'10 is sharing their memories of the Ecosystems Management course at the University of the Aegean in June 2008.


CEU is qualified to participate in the US Federal Student Financial Assistance Programs

There is a good news for our applicants from the United States. Central European University has received the Title IV registration at the US Department of Education and now qualified to participate in the Federal Student Financial Assistance Programs.

The CEU's Federal School Code is G40215.

EMA Conference to be organised at CEU: Higher Education and Climate Change

Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA) is going to organise its first thematic conference on higher education and climate change. This Erasmus Mundus Conference will bring together students, alumni and scholars to discuss what role higher education can play in front of the change climate today.

"Aspire MESPOM" - my contribution to India Today

I am Vaseem from India, a student of Class'10 (Cohort IV of MESPOM). Recently I was asked by Central European University (CEU) to write  for India Today (Aspire) magazine which is running a special feature on European Higher Education this month.

Environmental Issues in Canada's North - A Race Against Time

When I first arrived to Saskatoon to begin my ENVERA partnership at the University of Saskatchewan, I quickly had to remind myself of what I had recently taught my students back at the CEU, i.e. be flexible in your field work as you should expect the unexpected! On my first day here, the communities where I was to visit in northern Saskatchewan were completely evacuated due to extensive forest fires in the area. As we waited for the fires to subside, however, I became quickly involved in a number of projects ...

MESPOM on pages of IIIEE Alumni Newsletter

The Alumni Organisation of IIIEE, our network partner representing the University of Lund, has published the Issue 14 of its Newsletter. This issue features an interesting MESPOM-IIIEE discussion and gives a good feeling of what is going on at (and after!) IIIEE. 

MESPOM Alumni Promote Study in Europe

A new "Study in Europe" brochure features interviews with MESPOM alumni Jennifer Lenhart and Chunyu Liang.

Titles of MESPOM theses - 2008

Titles and full text of MESPOM theses presented in June, 2008