MESPOM on pages of IIIEE Alumni Newsletter

The Alumni Organisation of IIIEE, our network partner representing the University of Lund, has published the Issue 14 of its Newsletter. This issue features an interesting MESPOM-IIIEE discussion and gives a good feeling of what is going on at (and after!) IIIEE. 

MESPOM Alumni Promote Study in Europe

A new "Study in Europe" brochure features interviews with MESPOM alumni Jennifer Lenhart and Chunyu Liang.

Titles of MESPOM theses - 2008

Titles and full text of MESPOM theses presented in June, 2008

MESPOM Graduation 2008

On June 19th, 2008, 36 MESPOM students became Masters of Science. The formal part of the graduation, a part of CEU commencement ceremony, took place in the Vígszínház, an imposing 19th century theatre building. In the presence of George Soros, Kofi Annan and many other distinguished guests, the students received their certificates. This year’s CEU commencent speaker was Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, a member of the IPCC, the 2007 Noble Peace Price winner and a MESPOM faculty member.

Apply now to the Energy for Sustainable Development Online Course

Applications are now open for the next “Foundation Session” of the Energy for Sustainable Development Online Course (E4SD), scheduled from 18 August – 28 September 2008.

From Balaton to Beijing

On April 14th the International Herald Tribune describes "a sweeping series of measures introduced by Chinese officials that will freeze construction projects, shutter chemical plants and close down obsolete gas stations around Beijing this summer in an attempt to clear the air for the Olympics." MESPOM Intercultucal Communication class at Lake Balaton in September 2007 ended with an exercise to solve the problem of Beijing air pollution during the Olympics. Guess what?

4 Ps for Quality

MESPOM volunteed for the Quality Assurance exercise by the European Commission and has been selected as one of six Erasmus Mundus courses (out of about 100 existing). The purpose of the exercise is to examine how the joint character of Erasmus Mundus courses contributes to their high quality. Here are some thoughts which I prepared for the first visit of the EC QA team to Lund.

4 Ps for Quality

Purpose, people, pattern and profession – these are the aspects of MESPOM’s quality which are due to its ‘jointness’, the fact that is run by four universities together.

MESPOM graduate awarded Development Cooperation Prize for her thesis

Tahia Devisscher, a MESPOM graduate of 2007 has been awarded a Development Cooperation Prize from Belgian Development Cooperation for her MESPOM thesis on the impact of biofuel production in Malaysia.

MESPOM student receives Pan-African Prize for Entrepreneurial Teachers

Leonard Akwany, a MESPOM student (06-08), has won the 1st Pan-African Prize for Entrepreneurial Teachers. Leonard, a leader of Eco-finders Youth Movement in Kenya, has been working to promote environmental entrepreneurship in the poorest region of the country since 1995. Through cost sharing and improvisation Eco-finders has been able to use its limited resources to reach out to over 100 schools and hundreds of community groups, to establish ‘Environmental Enterprises’.

MESPOM students win Lund Green Prix

The Lund Green Prix is the final event in the ISS (Industrial Sustasinability Strategies) course. Students design a "car" constructed from simple materials such as card-board, wood sticks and plastic straws.

The students compete in groups in five categories with their "cars".

- Greatest marketing potential, where staff and students vote on their favorite

- Performance, where the "cars" travel down a slope created by the tables in the Aula

- Disassembly, where the students are to scrap the "cars" under time pressure