Why is MESPOM different?

MESPOM has been based on the idea that science, policy and management should be taught as three distinct but interacting knowledge and practice domains, which are necessary and essential to tackle any environmental issue. Key feature of MESPOM are its distinct locations ranging from a large European city to a small Greek island. From 2017 mandatory internships in the Summer between years 1 and 2 through our 18 Associated Partners were introduced, as well as dedicated clusters in the Winter Semester at CEU, that would explore interaction of science, policy and management in specific thematic areas of excellence and job market needs (especially energy and climate change and ecosystems conservation and management).

MESPOM encourages its students to engage in social causes at its various locations. Many of our students met community leaders and activists to discuss the refugee problem on Lesvos and worked as volunteers with refugees in 2015 and 2016.


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