Student services - CEU

CEU (where MESPOM students spend their first year) is, by nature, an international university with the absolute majority of students being non-native to Hungary. The welfare of international students is therefore at the centre of all CEU’s student services which are co-ordinated through the Student Life Office to:

  • organize student arrival and leaving procedures and assist with visa arrangements;
  • administer student registration for the purpose of residence in Hungary;
  • provide support with housing arrangements and maintain an apartment database;
  • oversee student enrollment in the CEU Health Insurance Plan and other medical insurance arrangements;
  • organize university-wide student social, cultural and out-of-class activities;
  • provide day-to-day assistance to students on an as-needed basis

All CEU services operate in English and have Hungarian and other European and third-country language capacities.

CEU has a policy and means to help its students to master English, Hungarian and other European languages. Numerous cultural events at CEU expose students to both Hungarian and Central European cultural traditions throughout the year.

The social experience in a multicultural, multinational environment is one of the best aspects of study at CEU. MESPOM contributes to this experience by ensuring that the international student body is well integrated and has a positive group dynamic. This is achieved, inter alia, by starting MESPOM with an induction week in a national park on Lake Balaton. This week also provides an excellent introduction to Hungarian culture.