Jiayi Li, China, 2012-14

I enrolled in the MESPOM program immediately after I finished my undergraduate studies in environmental engineering in China. The MESPOM program was very exciting to me. The international atmosphere allows be introduced to bright colleagues from all over the world, and during the program you will have plenty of time to develop profound friendships with your classmates; the diversity of locations of the partner institutions provides you with great opportunities to travel, learn about cultures, and to understand new perspectives. The course organization is comprehensive and interesting, and you may find many of your professors sharp and charismatic.

In just a few words, MESPOM is not only a great starting point for an environmental career, but also a precious experience for spiritual growth.

As one of the most prestigious universities in the world, University of Manchester has impressed me with its high quality of teaching and organization, as well as its vivid campus life. The study life in Manchester is pleasant. You may find it relaxed, yet productive. You will have enough free time to organize your own study, and the lectures are effective in preparing those who would like to enter into a scientific field.

MESPOM is a perfect choice for adventurers and extroverts who are ready to embrace a globalized world.