MESPOM-IIIEE alumni reunion in Beijing

MESPOM-IIIEE alumni reunion in Beijing

Tatirose Vijitpan and Chunsheng Yao

Batch 4 (2008-2010)

On November 9th, 2014, taking opportunity of Prof. Don Huisingh visiting Beijing and three EMP alumni Tareq, Jessika and Nurzat attending the UNEP Enlighten Global Efficient Lighting Forum, alumni of MESPOM and IIIEE enjoyed a fantastic dinner together. Coordinated by Xiao Li (batch 5), the reunion gathered 15 alumni of MESPOM as well as IIIEE former students and visiting scholars, not only Chinese but also non-Chinese who were in Beijing at the time. Several batches of MESPOM alumni joined the gathering, from the earliest batch 1 to the latest batch 8, as well as batches 4, 5 and 6. Most alumni are still working in the field of environment, such as protecting air and water, promoting renewable energy and dealing with climate change. The reunion created a good opportunity for alumni to meet, exchange work and life experience and strengthened the connection among each other. Prof. Don also shared the news about the Global Conference on Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption and the Global Exhibition “Sustainable Futures in Practice”, which will be held in November 2015.





The reunion in Beijing is held fairly regularly. So, anyone visiting Beijing, do not forget to let your Chinese friends know.

Note: Special thanks to Prof. Lars Hansson who initiated the reunion.

List of attendants:

Prof. Don Huisingh


Lijian Zhao, B1 (05-07); Annemieke van den Dool, B4 (08-10); Chunsheng Yao, B4 (08-10); Tatirose Vijitpan, B4 (08-10); Xiao Li, B5 (09-11); Meiling Su, B6 (10-12); Qing Miao, B8 (12-14); Jiayi Li, B8 (12-14)

IIIEE alumni:

Xin Tong, Visiting scholar 2014; Yutao Wang, Visiting PhD student 2008-2009; Tareq Emtairah, B2 and PhD at IIIEE; Tingcun Han, B5; Jessika Luth Richter, B17, PhD student at IIIEE; Nurzat Myrsalieva, B17