Lydia Press '09 (UK)

November 13, 2007

Lydia Press tragically died in a climbing accident during holidays in French Alps on May 2nd, 2008. The MESPOM community is in deep sorrow because of this terrible loss. The Daily Mail published an article about Lydia and what has happened (see also The Sun).

Wardell Armstrong Environmental Consultancy

I studied landscape planning and worked in nature conservation before joining the first batch of mespom. I choose this programme because I wanted to gain more knowledge on and insight to the strategic and policy levels within the field of environment. MESPOM not only met my expectations but went far beyond it! Besides giving me a sound understanding of the million sides to the environment, it provided opportunities for unforgettable knowledge exchange and deep friendships.

Lovish Ahuja '07 (India)

I am sure by now you must be wondering where I landed after this exciting voyage of MESPOM. Take a deep breath, here it goes... I was picked up by the Holcim Group (the 2 nd largest manufacturer of cement in the World) as a Corporate Assistant Manager-Environment. I actually felt the benefit of the MESPOM course during my interview, when I was selected from the group, which included people with almost double the work experience I had.

Jessica Jewell '09 (USA)

October 31, 2007

I graduated from Brown University with a degree in geology and then immediately did a year of graduate work in plate tectonics. During my studies I gained a keen interest in systems thinking and got the opportunity to work on rocks from all over the world including Siberia, Kyrgyzstan, and all over the United States. Following my studies, I worked at an environmental and geotechnical engineering firm in Washington DC on geological field investigations and data analysis and presentation.

UNECE Secretariat of the Water Convention

I am from Germany and studied Social Sciences in Bordeaux and Stuttgart as well as did an internship at UNEP in Nairobi before joining MESPOM in 2005. During MESPOM, one of the best experiences of my life, I went to Manchester for the 3rd semester, but came back to CEU for my thesis since I also worked on several research projects related to energy and sustainable buildings. I am currently a PhD-student at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU, but will start a new job at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE, in Geneva) soon. I will be working in the Secretariat of the Water Convention.

Chain and Flag

October 27, 2007
Before today, I have spoken here of IIIEE and Lund helping live dreams. They have allowed more of my wishes to be fulfilled since. A supply chain sounded intriguing right from the time I was first introduced to the concept during management education. One can at best only imagine how far beyond items all around are connected to.

Lund, first impressions

August 20, 2007

A short ride through a laboratory thesis project

July 3, 2007

<p>The interaction of microorganisms with pollutants has lead to the development of an exciting field of research for environmentalists. The unprecedented interest in bioremediation and its applications stems from the failure of aggressive and invasive treatment methods that disturb ecosystems by stuffing them with unnecessary quantities of chemicals.

My Experience in Malaysia - Part 2

June 10, 2007
WEEK 5: Native communities in Miri and the ‘New Concept’ scheme


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