Student Services and Accommodation

MESPOM Student Services

Central European University (semesters 1-2)

CEU (where MESPOM students spend their first year) is, by nature, an international university with the absolute majority of students being non-native to Hungary. The welfare of international students is therefore at the centre of all CEU’s student services which are co-ordinated through the Student Life Office to:

  • organize student arrival and leaving procedures and assist with visa arrangements;
  • administer student registration for the purpose of residence in Hungary;
  • provide support with housing arrangements and maintain an apartment database;
  • oversee student enrollment in the CEU Health Insurance Plan and other medical insurance arrangements;
  • organize university-wide student social, cultural and out-of-class activities;
  • provide day-to-day assistance to students on an as-needed basis

All CEU services operate in English and have Hungarian and other European and third-country language capacities.

CEU has a policy and means to help its students to master English, Hungarian and other European languages. Numerous cultural events at CEU expose students to both Hungarian and Central European cultural traditions throughout the year.

The social experience in a multicultural, multinational environment is one of the best aspects of study at CEU. MESPOM contributes to this experience by ensuring that the international student body is well integrated and has a positive group dynamic. This is achieved, inter alia, by starting MESPOM with an induction week in a national park on Lake Balaton. This week also provides an excellent introduction to Hungarian culture.

University of the Aegean (part of semester 2)

The University of the Aegean’s Environmental Department is located on the island of Lesvos which has a well-developed infrastructure for receiving international visitors. 
Each MESPOM student at the UAegean will have access to the on-campus restaurant and receive a public transport discount card.
The UoAegean has extensive experience in international cooperation (through e.g. Fulbright Institute, TMR/EU) and visiting scholars are usually integrated into the research activities of the Department and deliver lectures to audiences of all levels. Research and teaching facilities are provided by the UAegean and accommodation is secured in Mytilini.

University of Manchester (semester 3)

At the University of Manchester, non-EU and non-UK EU students are supported by the International Office of the University and the students’ International Society. The UoM’s Study Abroad Unit (SAU) serves all exchange and visiting students. The SAU offers a single point of contact to deal with all aspects of study, both before and after arrival including academic advising, transcripts and housing for most students. It also links students to other departments, welfare and counselling services. In addition, the UoM has an International Student Welfare Officer and a full counselling service.

Every department has an academic member of staff who acts as the Erasmus coordinator or Visiting students’ officer to advise on academic matters. All new international students are automatically free members of the International Society which has an active programme of social events and trips around Manchester, the UK and the rest of Europe. The UoM has extensive student accommodation facilities and a Students Accommodation Office helping international and home students to identify housing options.

Lund University (semester 3)

At Lund University, the International Office has the overall responsibility for co-ordinating the ongoing internationalization processes. The International Desk, part of the International Office, handles the reception and social integration of approximately 1,600 international students per year. The International desk also includes LUFF - Lund University's Foreign Friends - which is a friendly support service for visiting staff and their families, and for international graduate students. Besides the support given by the International Office, the IIIEE has a staff person in charge of the welfare of IIIEE’s Masters students including:

  • Organizing student arrival such as support with visa application, medical insurance, accommodation (see below) and arrival information about Lund;
  • Organizing the introduction course, including practical Swedish phrases and orientation about the Swedish society, cross-cultural learning seminars and exercises, computer skills and excursions;
  • Administer student registration/credits on the university central credit system (LADOK);
  • Organizing social, cultural and out-of-class activities, such as excursions, sauna evenings and sport activities;
  • Providing day-to-day assistance to students on an as-needed basis.

All international students at LU are offered housing through the International Housing Office. Natural interaction with Swedish students gives the foreign students knowledge about Swedish society.

IIIEE arranges several excursions, such as visits to the countryside and to visits to local traditional industries. Weekly sport activities with staff and alumni in the area also helps the students integrate. Contact with former students (alumni) is offered through the alumni network which may be contacted prior to arrival in Lund.

LU is proud of one of the best libraries (including the e-library) in Northern Europe (; the IIIEE library offers a large collection of literature on preventive approaches and environmental policy and management in general. For more details, please check the guide to the Library and Information resources for the students and research staff of the IIIEE.


While studying at the Central European University most MESPOM students prefer renting apartments in downtown Budapest. CEU helps to locate such accommodation and secure renting contracts. For more information see Student site (login required).

For the three months at the University of the Aegean accommodation is typically at rented private houses or hotels. The university is fully available to provide assistance with arranging it.

At Lund University, MESPOM students are guaranteed accommodation through the International Housing Office which rents various types of accommodation for students. Check to get the information on accomodation in Lund from first hands!

At the University of Manchester, the university guarantees accommodation as well; the Students' Accommodation Office secures accommodation at University Halls of Residence or among privately lent houses.