MESPOM Programme, Year 1 (CEU, Budapest; UAegean, Lesvos )

The 1st semester (September - January, 24 ECTS credits) introduces key subjects of environmental sciences, policy and management in order to "bridge" various initial competences resulting from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and to provide the students with the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for further mastering the field. Semester 1 starts with an introductory week including an induction session at lake Balaton where the students are trained in intercultural communications and discuss their visions for the Course with the faculty.

From Academic Year 2017-2018:

The 2nd semester 2/a (January - April, 20 ECTS credits) includes both mandatory and elective units covering a range of subjects in environmental sciences, policy and management.

Semester 2/b (April- June, 16 ECTS credits), Land, Water, Ecosystems, is hosted by the University of the Aegean on the Island of Lesvos. It includes courses on biodiversity, water, waste and land management including GIS and modelling tools.

Detailed information about the study programme of the first two semesters is available through the CEU course hub.