Year 1 Spring (Aegean)

Birdsmonitoring, Ecosystems Management course (Spring, UAegean. Lesvos)

From Academic Year 2017-2018:

Semester 2/b at UofA in Lesvos, Greece (April- June, 16 ECTS credits), Land, Water, Ecosystems inlcudes courses on biodiversity, water, waste and land management including GIS and modelling tools.

The course list is as follows: 

*Assessment, Modelling and Scenarios for Ecosystems Management (mandatory)

5 of 6 of the following courses need to be selected:

*Sustainable Tourism

*Aquatic Pollution and Wastewater Management

*Freshwater Resources: Natural systems, Human Impact and Conservation

*Air Pollution & Climate Change

*Environmental Applications of GIS: Spatial Analysis and Modelling; Intro to Geospatial Analysis @ CEU (or equivalent) a prerequisite

*Applied Ecology; Introduction to Environmental Sciences @ CEU a prerequisite

Detailed information about the study programme of the first two semesters is available through the CEU course hub.