Academic Board

The overall academic governance of MESPOM is undertaken by the Academic Board that includes representatives of each Consortium partner and the MESPOM Coordinator. The Academic Board makes principal decisions concerning the structure of the programme, curricula, admission and examination criteria, European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) policy, as well as other key aspects of MESPOM operation. It endorses Consortium-wide policies (such as the Admissions Policy), conducts annual reviews, endorses the lists of candidates recommended for Erasmus Mundus scholarships and selects third-country scholars for academic exchanges. The Academic Board also approves the MESPOM Consortium's budget and appoints the Consortium Coordinator.

The Academic Board meets at least twice a year, as well as holds regular on-line and telephone discussions. The minutes of all Academic Board meetings are available to the faculty and administrative staff of the Consortium Partners.    

Updated: October 9, 2018