Sachin Badkas '09 (India). Lund, first impressions

August 20, 2007

Handling four currencies in a day in the process - one of those uniquely MESPOM experiences - I arrived in Lund on an overcast, gray afternoon. This is a bit unfair to Budapest, of-course. While equally beautiful, much bigger and hence with many more sights to behold and marvel, Budapest did not get a blog entry when Sachin first set foot there last year. But then, this website did not exist and Sachin does not write blogs on lesser websites! It will be a bit of cheating to write first time experiences having spent an year there. All I can write now of there are anecdotes dripping with tearful nostalgia. It's a slightly touchy topic since I'm still recovering from the parting. Will have to postpone it until it sinks in. No, dear old Budapest will just have to wait until a third batch MESPOMer obliges. (Take a hint, guys!)

Back to Lund then! All that can be said against it in comparison is that this is not a capital. No sir, this could not be the capital of Skane, it is so small. The distance from my dorm to IIIEE is less than that between my CEU hotel (can't call it a dorm lest it be confused for the parallel that Lund offers) and Örs, our closest Metro station there.

That said, this place is ideal for work. You will know what I mean if you recall my preferences from the entry about the CEU Hotel. Trees absolutely dominate this town!. If Mytilini brings back the chewy texture of an Octopus tentacle, and Budapest reminds one of Egri Bikaver, then I expect the one smell that I will forever associate with Lund is that of moist leaves and bark. It will certainly not be of a food item because the decent kind is quite simply too expensive to have often enough to leave an imprint on the memory! To be fair, this is where I found the best brown bread I ever had. (White remains Mumbai.) What is thankfully cheap is fresh air, or rather er.. fresh wind.

And my kind of preferences regarding trees will help further. My imagination renders them almost animate beings one can interact with. So, I may substitute them, of-course, for the complete lack of the human element here. As against the 24-7 reception in Budapest, here you arrive at a deserted student hostel - any time of the day in July and August - and let yourself in, alternating several laser ID tags and alphanumeric codes in succession. Ditto at the IIIEE. What, you do not think it is something worth writing about? But I had always associated this sort of sneaky entrance into a building with dreams where I finally get a chance to act in one of those classic Hollywood thrillers. You know the type - Cruise or Clooney has to duplicate someone's iris and thumb-print to get hold of a common flash drive which contains the top-secret 9 digit code required to pass the doors that lead to er.. you choose, either a deadly microbiological weapon or a zillion dollars in cash.
Well, that is among the promises that the IIIEE holds for me. Everytime I'm headed to meet Andrius Plepys, I will be reliving a dream! My first chance should come soon, I hope. I need some advice on laptop purchases...
And then I can go on to live another of my dreams - looking importantly busy on a laptop in the middle of a sprawling garden. Lund is certainly the place for it.