Thomas Pienkowski '15 (UK)

January 26, 2016

"I draw on the knowledge gained during MESPOM on a daily basis"


I began working at The Forest Trust (TFT) soon after graduating from MESPOM in 2015. TFT is an international non-profit consultancy, improving the social and environmental performance of global supply chains. The 'No Exploitation' programme addresses labour and community rights abuses within 14 product groups. I coordinate and administer implementation of the 'No Exploitation' programme in the Chinese and Indian natural stone industry. I'm also part of a team tasked with expanding the 'No Exploitation' programme across TFT's global initiatives.

There are many reasons why I'd highly recommend MESPOM. During my recruitment for the role, TFT was impressed with the breadth of knowledge and experience the course provided - not least the focus on applied skills and group work. This not only helped me secure the position, but also to negotiate a higher salary. More importantly, it’s allowed me to do my job better. I draw on the knowledge gained during MESPOM on a daily basis. Similarly, the focus on teamwork translates directly into professional working environments. As a consequence, I'm better able to contribute towards TFT's mission of enhancing sustainability in supply chains.